Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website, our most recent labor of love! We are so thrilled to share this new site with you. Our hopes were to be more user friendly, allow us to update images more often, introduce you to our Botanica Family and more so, inspire! 

We have so many photographers to thank that provided us with such beautiful images to showcase on our site. Without these images, we wouldn’t be able to show you us and what we do. To all of these people listed below, we are so grateful for you and your artistic talent.

  • Bri Cibene Photography
  • Jason Mize Photography
  • Stehlik Foto
  • Carrie Wildes Photography
  • Photography by Michael
  • Stephanie A. Smith Photography
  • Roohi Photography
  • Jerry McGaghey Photography
  • Jeremy Scott Photography
  • Jacqui Cole Photography
  • Phillip Lloyd Photography
  • Garrett Nudd Photography
  • Vitalic Photography
  • Conroy Photography
  • Aaron Lockwood Photography
  • Katie Beyer Photography
  • Ryan Joseph Photographs
  • Pezz Photo
  • Djamel Photography
  • Kristen Weaver Photography
  • KT Merry
  • Justin DeMutiis Photography
  • John Unrue Photography
  • Divine Light Photography
  • K & K Photography
  • Limelight Photography
  • Marissa Moss Photography
  • Liga Photography
  • Floral & Fauna
  • Sarah & Ben Photography
  • Lifewriting Photography


Lastly and certainly not least, a HUGE thank you to Keefe Manwaring of Ninth North for this website redesign. Thank you for your talent, patience and everything you did to make this possible!

Please check back often as we continue to add new images, share exciting news and in the near future, complete our website facelift with a logo facelift! 

Thank you again and we hope you enjoy our new website! 

Keefe Manwaring

A crude dude with a rude 'tude that operates the design studio Ninth North.