Intern With Ian - Nancy Gilbert


This past weekend, FTD's Intern With Ian winner, Nancy Gilbert, closed up shop and traveled all the way from Long Island, New York (on her birthday!!) to shadow our luxury floral division during a three-wedding weekend.

Unboxing and organizing terrariums!

Unboxing and organizing terrariums!

The moment Nancy arrived on Thursday afternoon, she picked up a florist knife and some Oasis and began designing wreaths of tropical foliage, wrapping chuppah structures in curly willow, processing flowers, and learning how our well-oiled machine works.

After an afternoon in the studio and a birthday dinner with Ian at the Tampa Club, Nancy snagged as much sleep as possible and prepared for a full day. 

Nancy owns a floral shop in Peconic, NY where she and only a couple part-timers play the role of all employees at Botanica. "I see myself in every one of the people here," she said during one of the two 3-hour legs to Vero Beach, FL. 

Nancy was thrilled with some of the simple tricks she learned after a few hours with us. She will now stack her floral buckets in pyramid formation for optimal drying. She might even use the wax tissue paper to dress up the bouquet containers and solo cups to keep them hydrated.

On Saturday at the beach club wedding, Nancy and her keen eye-for-detail placed the final touches on each tall foliage table arrangement. She willingly hiked up and down the grass hill to unpack the trucks and unbox and place 75 glass containers. She proudly placed her six stunning white anthurium and tropical foliage wreaths at each entryway.

Nancy with one of six wreaths.

Nancy with one of six wreaths.

After the near nine hour setup, Ian grabbed Nancy's hand and hiked the hill one last time to marvel at their hard work together - a gorgeous tropical display of monstera, elephant ears, ti and palm leaves, hanging amaranthus and glowing gold containers.

Nancy got a taste of the creative hurricane that is Ian Prosser Productions and we can't thank her enough for her patience and skill this weekend. If you're ever in Long Island, NY and need a high-quality and long-lasting arrangement from a passionate, native Long-Islander - give Nancy a call at Country Petals.

Thanks, Nancy and FTD

- Ian Prosser Productions