Oscars-Inspired Male Fashion Harness


Recently, we’ve seen some notable male actors donning a new menswear garment that’s making a statement this awards season.

It’s called the high-fashion harness.

While this garment is nothing new to modern high-fashion, it IS something new and interesting on the red carpet. The most recent and most notable wearer was @michaelbjordan at the SAG Awards. His multi-colored Louis Vuitton harness worn on top of his tux, then re-applied over his shirt later in the evening filled our social feeds and fashion blogs.
Our designers, Roxanne and Jared, were inspired by this new trend in menswear and took a shot at recreating the @louisvuitton harness using fresh hydrangea.

We suspect we’ll see a couple guys wearing a harness this Sunday at the #academyawards

What’s your take on this new trend? Do you like it or do you just like @michaelbjordan in it?