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Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary


Our 30th Anniversary party at The Orlo was one of our most fun design collaborations because it involved our entire Botanica crew! We knew that it had to be special since it was such an important milestone in Botanica’s history. With the help of all the creative minds at Botanica, we focused on adding personalized touches to the company, complemented by unusual twists on a traditional design concept. When guests arrived at The Orlo, right from their first step onto the front lawn, they were simply impressed with the level of thoughtful detail.

Upon arriving, they were first greeted by a large white and green floral archway that was full of texture. The walkway to the front entrance was lined with a quote runner that had some of our clients’ raving reviews. On either side of the quote runner, pillar candles illuminated the greenery all the way to the stairs. Let’s not forget about the bubble candles that were sprinkled throughout the patches of lawn complementing The Orlo’s string lights perfectly. Guiding our guests to enter through The Orlo’s doorway were white delphinium hedges mimicking a field of flowers placed just below the handrails of the stairs. The archway of the door was lined with an asymmetrical white and green garland that puddled dramatically on one side. 


Since our goal has always been to generate a reaction and emotion, we decided to have a romantic vibe for the living room and the front room of The Orlo. This was where we showed our quintessential Botanica style with classic white blooms (tulips, roses, hydrangeas, garden roses, etc.) paired with brilliant greenery (silver dollar, smilax, seeded eucalyptus, jasmine foliage, etc.). One of our favorite design elements was the silver urn tipped on its side that was placed offset on the staircase to imitate the effect of cascading water achieved through a tumbling floral design.


A garland of white and green floral varieties framed the fireplace and a floral block design with the number ‘30’ made of giant hot pink roses covered the front of the fireplace. To give this design the perfect glow, pillar candles with tea lights were set on the mantle. All the cocktail tables were covered with hot pink and orange two toned linens and adorned with compact white and green centerpieces.

Where do most guests hang out at a party? Definitely the bar! We used our Style House white bars and cubby bar backs with a “Drinks” marquee. We also placed a white urn filled with brilliant florals and greenery ( garden roses, hydrangeas, tulips, smilax, silver dollar, snowflake roses, etc.) on a pedestal as the focal point in front of the bar.


Even though quintessential designs will always be at the core of Botanica’s style, we also love eclectic and unique pairings so for the ballroom we switched up the color palette and brought in tropical florals. As our guests entered the ballroom, they were greeted by our red floral bridge covered in a red, orange, and hot pink floral mosaic. Some of the floral varieties used were orange roses, orange ranunculus, deep pink ranunculus, dark pink hydrangeas, red ranunculus, and pink garden roses. In the center of the bridge, a hot pink ‘30’ was surrounded by white hydrangeas. This creation made for the perfect photo opp on top of the bridge!

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 11.51.40 AM.png

The focal point of the ballroom was definitely the stage. It was lined with a solid thick border of florals (deep pink ranunculus, orange ranunculus, burgundy amaranthus, orange tulips, smilax, orchids cymbidium, etc.) and a mirrored 30 was placed in the center of the stage. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 11.53.52 AM.png

For the final touch of comfort we brought in the help of Style House! As our sister rental company, Style House has become very popular among our clients in its first year and we wanted this success on display for the top events industry professionals. We created lounge groupings using the Style House Rose sofa, Mongolian Fur chairs, Athens chairs, Petra Gold end tables, and Midas end tables. For more pops of color, we used the red, hot pink, and orange pillows. Between each lounge grouping, we placed the Style House Kaleidoscope panels making each lounge more intimate.


 To coordinate with the Kaleidoscope panels, we made a main Kaleidoscope bar in the room’s center and lined the Gatsby shelves with glasses behind the bar. On top of the bar, a giant hand-crafted chartreuse orchid was hung to bring our logo to life. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 12.00.45 PM.png

It truly was one of our proudest moments to celebrate our 30th anniversary with Botanica supporters and West Florida’s greatest industry professionals. We wouldn’t be where we are today without all our amazing clients and vendors. 

Photographer: Djamel | Venue: The Orlo