Florida Timeless Wedding with a Fruity, Fresh Twist

Natalie and Luke’s playful, yet elegant style is a wonderful example that a Florida timeless wedding can comprise fun and fresh customizations! 

This was first seen in their fruity foliage at the welcome party. The design was elegant, yet outside the box. The centerpieces featured a bed of tropical greenery, surrounded by sliced watermelons and green bananas. We chose to accent this with touches of pink cymbidium blooms in order compliment the pink of the watermelon. This arrangement played to the aesthetic of the beach club all the while giving the guests and introduction to the tone of fun festivities to come!


Natalie and Luke implemented one of our favorite design devices—alternating the color palate and style. The fruity became fresh as the colorful hues of the welcome party transitioned into a crisp, clean ceremony and reception. 

To help continue the simple style, the wedding centerpieces encompassed blooms that were grouped together by variety for a stronger impact. This means that each distinct display was focused upon one specific type of bloom. This artistic effect draws focus to the beauty of the individual flower itself.

While the flowers focused on individual beauty, the foliage’s beauty came from the incorporation of intertwining elements. By mixing both romantic and tropical foliage, we were able to focus on the romance between the couple while still emphasizing the incredible tropical venue in which they were located. This interpretation is highlighted in their ceremony, specifically in the foliage aisle markers. The silver dollar and smilax foliage played to the romanticism of the event, while the white dendrobium orchids added a hint of tropical elegance of the wooded surrounding.

Highlights-318 (1).jpg

We loved how their all white bridal party mirrored this idea as well. Allowing creams, ivories and whites to be at the focus added to the gorgeous simplicity of the ceremony’s design.


We couldn’t say goodbye to this couple without doing it in style! We decorated the “get away” golf cart by suspending a lovely white floral wreath from it—allowing their first ride as husband and wife to be just wonderful!